Vericrm is online business management software which was developed by analyzing the SME needs and provides plenty of services in only one service.
It enables you to manage your company from one centre with Unified Communication, Sales Force, E-Commerce, Marketing, tracking and following.

Sales Force

  • It produces high quality sales opportunities.
  • It provides you to find new customer opportunities.
  • It enables you to be closely acquainted with your customers.
  • It helps you to convert the opportunities into sales.
  • It provides continuous service in all of your customer-life cycle with its opportunity, sales, renewing, cross selling and support features.
  • It enables you to see the opportunities easily.
  • It enables you to prepare the offers faster.
  • It decreases customer complaints.
  • It enables you to determine the profitable customers.
  • It enables you to respond to your customers faster.
  • Your sales periods are archived.
  • It enables you to manage your sales periods.
  • It enables you to sell in a short time.
  • It enables you to reach to the customers in determined criteria.
  • It records all the sales and marketing activities and therefore you have intercorporate institutional memory. In case an employee leaves the job, you will have all the sales periods/processes.


  • It enables the sales team to create better campaigns by automating the E-marketing transactions.
  • It enables you to measure the success of marketing campaigns.
  • It enables you to advertise effectively with a low-budget.
  • It enables you to use social media as one of your marketing channels.
  • It enables optimising the marketing and sales processes.
  • It speeds up the Marketing and Sales Processes.
  • It enables you to find new Customers with E-marketing tools.
  • It enables you to be found by the customers.
  • It increases your Sales Turnover very fast.
  • It enables you to reach the customers of your rivals.
  • Your brand familiarity increases.
  • You can measure the success of your advertisements


  • It enables you to benefit from the force of E-commerce in the sales of your products and services.
  • It enables you to perform sales for 7x24.
  • It enables you to perform Online Collection for 7x24.
  • Your customers will have the opportunity of seeing and choosing your products.
  • You can price specifically for your branches.
  • You can perform branch management easily.
  • You can zeroize your stock amount and you can show direct stock on supplier with xml.
  • You have an opportunity to reach new markets and new customers from all over the world.
  • Your order management becomes easier.
  • E-Commerce sites enable you to publish your products with online catalogues. So you can introduce your products and services with low-cost for broader masses by digital media advertisements.

Track and Trace

  • It enables you to manage your team from one centre.
  • It enables you to manage your sales team easier by controlling them.
  • It increases the productivity of your Sales Team.
  • It increases your staff performance.
  • It decreases the costs of vehicle fuel and maintenance.
  • You can easily follow the staff activity with past reports.


  • It increases your intercorporate communication.
  • It eases your collaboration with your collaborators.
  • Interaction with your customers increases and it enables you to establish deeper relations.
  • It archives your Institutional Mail traffic.
  • All your mail communications can be traced from the customer card.


  • Integrated sales and marketing devices

    Vericrm devices which will meet all of your needs work integrated to each other. You can manage your sales and marketing by planning them with vericrm.
  • Cloud Server Substructure

    You have the most developed server and software substructure without software investment.
  • Paying monthly with renting model

    You pay as long as you use it without performing great investments and you get efficiency.
  • Unlimited user

    There are no user limits in Vericrm. You can provide your staff to contribute your sales and marketing by including all of them into the substructure of sales and marketing.
  • Support for 7x24

    You can appeal for help from our support team for your problems in vericrm for 7x24.
  • Online free trainings

    You can learn vericrm with video trainings which tell it in detail, and you can bring the talents of vericrm into your company.
  • Free marketing and sales consultancy

    By purchasing vericrm, you don’t buy software only. You have marketing trainings with our continuous emissions and you benefit from our consultants free.
  • Security

    Security is very important for vericrm. Vericrm uses safe communication Technologies in industrial standards.
  • Backup

    Vericrm holds your data in the best developed storage substructures. It enables you to take a backup to automatically cloud platforms in different places on earth according to your demand.
  • 2048 Bit SSL Encrypting

    Vericrm substructure uses wcf web services in headmost technology. In web service data transmission, SSL certificate is used. All of your data is transferred in a safe and encrypted way.
  • Security Standards

    Vericrm servers are hold in safe data centres with ISO 270001, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 22000 world Standard certificates. All servers are monitored for 7x24.
  • Access Records

    Everything done in all transactions are recorded. Who made the transaction, when he/she did it and from which computer he/she did, are recorded in detail.