Application Virtualization:
Veri Software provides that your Windows applications work as a web application in all platforms with its solutions of web application virtualization.
You can use your applications on which platform you want with a web based browser.
With application virtualization service you can run your Windows applications on all browsers swiftly and easily.
Your Windows applications will run with a high performance on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook and Android devices browsers.
Your application can perform a file transfer on web application and it enables you to transmit voice and print on remote server.

Application virtualization decreases your costs by decreasing the physical sources usage.
It enables you to reach and use your application no matter where it is.
It enables you to manage your applications from one centre and to serve whichever user you want.
It enables you to run your applications on web environment easily, thus it enables you to use it in far offices without server investment.
Because it is possible to use the same software on web with only one license, your software costs decrease.
All Windows applications that you use in a local written with old technology or in a local network, run on web platform easily. Veri Software has an expert staff in virtualization solutions in Microsoft platforms.  

Your application virtualization projects, the projects that are designed by certified engineers can be offered according to the needs with competitive prices.
You may contact us by filling the following Application Virtualization Demand Form in order to benefit from the power of virtualization; to receive detailed information and to convert your applications in web applications.

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