Custom Software Development
Applications satisfying your needs better, faster, more efficient and better software Company software must be user friendly, high performance, compatible and safe in order to achieve business targets. Veri Software ensures you to achieve targets more easily by the custom software development service while you are focused on your own major business. As Veri Software, our goal is minimize your risks and to maximize project achievement.
We would like to be your strategic project partner if you had a bad custom software experience previously or it is the first time you are going to use customs software service.
Why you should receive Custom Software Development service for software development?
  • Cost Reduction
  • Cost Estimation
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Reducing Labor Cost
  • Saving Time
  • Rapid implementation of new projects
  • Focusing on your major business
  • Risk Reduction

Why do I need a Custom Software?
  • To be different, to make a difference, to provide a higher quality service
  • To get ahead of your competitors, to achieve targets you need a high performance, user friendly, safe, secure, trouble free operating custom built software infrastructure
You cannot fully control business processes and cannot:
Manage your company towards the desired direction by software written for all sectors.

Organization structure, information level and experience of each company is different. 

You may achieve success through a information technology infrastructure which emphasizes your superior features and makes you get ahead of your competitors.

Is Software Development different?
Developing projects by following new technologies in many fields such as web technologies, communication protocols, API etc is very difficult job

Software development required expertise. Finding expert engineers and integrate them to your projects in very difficult and expensive.
Right skills and expertise may always make a difference. The best solution is to work with an expert software company employing skilled engineers and designers.

Software engineering has been suggested to be most difficult engineering among all other engineering disciplines. Software projects may fail due to many various causes. 
The Standish Group survey company continues studying failures in software and information technologies (IT) since 1993

Some figures from the report of CHAOS Chronicles are given below: 

23.000 Software development application was examined.
Ratio of successfully completed software projects% 26
Ratio of cancelled projects% 28
Ration of projects exceeding budget or due date% 46
Cost of failed projects75 Billion USD
Total excess cost22 Billion USD

In order minimize the risk in projects and maximize the project success:
  • Careful planning
  • Good risk management
  • Customer monitoring and participating in the project constantly
  • Continuous auditing
  • Computation
  • Simplicity
  • Require an experienced and quality team.
Why should I prefereVeri Software for Custom Software Development?
Experienced TeamVeri Software has been providing custom software development services since 1996.Projects delays are minimized by experienced engineers.
Quick StartVeri Software starts to develop your software projects as quickly as possible.
Reasonable CostVeri Software has scalable teams for Custom Software development. Numer of engineers working on your project may be increased or reduced depending on the project requirements. Veri Software eliminates the risks which may arise from enlarging or reducing the team during later stages of the project and reduces the cost.
State-of-art technologyVeri Software utilizes state-of-art-technologies and up-to-date infrastructure when developing Software

When Veri Software Develops Custom Software it uses
  • The most up-to-date software technologies. (Visual Studio 2010,C# .Net Framework 4.0) for Technical Infrastructure 
  • Team Foundation Server at software development stage for team work. 
  • Basic infrastructure architecture is designed before software development.
  • Software design is constantly reviewed during application development.
  • The code written during application coding process is constantly checked. (Performance Test, Diagnostic Test, Function Test)
  • Simplicity and intelligibility are ensured during application development stage. Complex coding and unintelligible software methods are not allowed
  • Software development is carried out as multi-layers (Interface layer, Data layer, Operation layer)
  • Reusable components are utilized for software development.
  • Database design is planned and built prior to software development
In Management and Job Assignments:
  • We work with qualified personnel..
  • Support from experienced experts is provided at all stages of the project.
  • Job assignment is carried out according to personnel skills
  • Personnel are constantly monitored to ensure compliance with project management plan. 
  • Personnel are required to prepare necessary certificates and documents at every stage of software development.
  • Inter-team communication medium is provided.
  • Appropriate working conditions for the developer personnel are facilitated. .
  • Required personnel are assigned for each project. No other job is assigned to personnel with the project.

Veri Software uses Rapid Prototyping during Software Development Process.
CommunicationsThe project team and the customer are in constant communications. Job assignment of each software developer is performed online and monitored on a daily basis by devising meetings to avoid loss of communications.
SimplicityVeri Software uses a simple and intelligible structure for software development. Veri Software does not code complex modules or software. Veri Software develops the whole project comprehensibly by using layered architecture. 
FeedbackVeri Software considers the customer as a part of the software development procedure and the project is ensured to progress towards desired target by providing feedback for each process.
CourageVeri Software team trusts it self and each other when developing software. Veri Software team is not scared of work progresses and consists of software developers of high courage. Accumulation of knowledge acquired by tears of experience feeds the courage. Every project has its risks. Veri Software team does not run away from the projects. It just runs on the project with courage.  
ModestyVeri Software team welcomes every development and technology. Veri Software never claims that it knows everything. Veri Software always knows that there is still much to learn and is modest to accept that it doen not everything.

Stages of the project are specified by the project analysis
Specific engineers are assigned to your project
All work done during the software development process is reported to you.
You monitor the project progress in a daily basis
Your project is tested and error are eliminated.
Your personnel is trained to enable them to use the custom developed software with ease.

Veriya Custom Software Development Principles
Customer SatisfactionProjects are developed according to customer demands. Customer demands constitute the priory for Veri Software.
Additions to the Project are possible at any time.Changes are accepted and reflected to the project at any stage of the project.
Project is divided into versionsProject is divided into versions which can be completed within short time intervals (2-7 weeks). Working version is delivered to the customer
The team is always in communication.All the team is always in communication and they develop the project all together.
Simple and Intelligible DevelopingSimplicity and intelligibility is a priority for all the software developing processes. All the coding is done intelligibly.
Advanced Technical InfrastructureAll the projects are conducted by the state-of-art software developing tools and computer systems.
Sustainable DevelopmentSteady and sustainable development is important for the stage of software developing.
Project is reviewed periodically. Corrections are made and code quality is improved.
  • Software Language: C# Language
  • Software Library :.Net Framework 4.5
  • Database Layer:Ado Entity, LINQ
  • Interface Layer: :ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight
  • Database Server :MSSQL, MySQL, ...
  • IDE :Visual Studio .Net 2015
  • Source Control System:Team Foundation Server