Enterprise Email Service – Institutional E-mail Services

E-mail is a communication device which has critical importance in business life.

Most of the companies manage a difficult and at a price process by holding E-mail systems in their structures.

Veri software ensures to maintain operating all of the mail systems effectively with mail archiving, spam and virus Technologies that it developed.

When you are focusing on your real business, your E-mail communication continues continuously.

We know how time and communication are valuable for you. You may focus on your business by delivering your mail systems to Veri Software engineers.

We can backup all mail processes (delete, new mail….) you perform on your mail clients (Outlook, web e-mail client, android mail client, ios mail client…) without any client plugins or software installation.

It can backup the mail systems of mail suppliers except Veri Software E-mail servers that you use (gmail, google apps, Office 365, merak, smart mail….) and it can help you to solve the virus/spam problems.

Veri Software E-mail Solutions:

1.    E-mail Server Solutions (Installation, Management and Maintenance)
2.    Email Archiving Solutions
3.    Email Virus Cleaning Solutions
4.    Email Spam Cleaning Solutions

Also mail service provider companies can use Veri Software E-mail service and they can provide high quality mail solutions for their customers.

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